Friday, July 18, 2008

great expectations

Everyday, I check and read many blogs. Considering how much it irritates me when my favorite bloggers don't seem to be posting enough, one would think I would be better at updating my own site.
Of course, this blog is somewhat lacking in the "readers-eagerly-anticipating-Bianca's-newest-insights" category. Also, the "readers" category.

Fortunately, my sophomore blog post will not end with the above paragraph, thanks to the unusual initiative I took to write a title. I was surprised and amazed to find that by misplacing my left hand on the keyboard, the first three keystrokes of "great" turned into "few." Really, try it. Place the fingers of your left hand one key to the left of where they're supposed to be, and begin to type "great" as you normally would. See? Few!

Now, if only I had such strokes of genius every night. Get it? Strokes? Now that this post has commentary on other bloggers, self-deprecation, a meaningless discovery, AND a pun, I think I can call it finished.