Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finale Rack

I was going to say I can't believe I've completed the month, but more shocking to me is the fact that tomorrow is December 1. That doesn't seem right, even though I've been expecting the advent of the December for some time now. It's a rather sad prospect, because December 1 was an excellent day for me last year, and this time around I know it's not going to be the same. It, like most (if not all) of my days until December 12, will find me tired and worried about (or blocking from my mind the impending nature of) writing all my final papers. I really hope Gossip Girl is on, it will be a bright spot in my day.

Overall, I'm really glad I did this, because now I know I want to post in my blog everyday! Except, not. I think I'll be more likely to continue updating on a regular basis, which is good. But since I don't have to post everyday, I can just say something when I have something to say. Which is also good. Most of all, completing NaBloPoMo gives me something to feel accomplished about in a month full of...well, I'll just say non-accomplishments. So yay! I did something! I will use that feeling to get me through the week.

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