Saturday, November 8, 2008

We can't ask them, because they're not allowed to talk about it.

The weekend after Halloween is a rough one for most MSU students...with the exception of the guys who live above me. Just as the football season is ending I think I've finally grown immune to their tailgating...I remember waking up around 8:30 this morning to a persistent downbeat from above, then waking up 3 hours later having slept rather peacefully in spite of it. I can't decide whether they're going to find something to party for early Saturday mornings for the rest of the year, but maybe it won't matter if they do.
As for the rest of their noise, I don't expect that to go away anytime soon. My roommates and I have a number of theories as to what could possibly going on in the apartment above us. The noise is most commonly attributed to a.) a fight club or b.) the replacement of their entire floor with trampolines, but sometimes I wonder: are they double-dutch champions? Riverdancers? Do they rearrange their furniture every single day? The world may never know.

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